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Innovex: Sustainable solar systems through remote monitoring.

Category : Blog | Posted on 2020-12-21 09:50:57

Innovex: Sustainable solar systems through remote monitoring.

Last week, USEA caught up with the Innovex team led by Douglas Baguma, the company’s managing director. This as USEA’s continued with its annual member monitoring visits. The discussion centered on Innovex’s work using Remot, a technology that demystifies last mile distribution of solar energy.

Remot is an energy management system that is unlocking the potential of solar businesses. It is used by solar contractors/companies enabling them to remotely monitor and automatically switch ON/OFF a solar system in addition to remote bill collection supported   money integration on the Innovex platform.

With Remot, Douglas noted that companies do not need much investment in last mile reach infrastructure which means that solar companies and other development partners are able to cut costs from 40% to under 10% of their monthly budgets on top of reducing any chances of fraud as there is no physical exchange of cash.

With 5 country locations (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia) and currently supporting 22 businesses, Innovex has also won over 10 prestigious innovation and entrepreneurial awards but is not about to stop. The company is looking at setting up a local manufacturing solar facility aimed at supporting Ugandan youth through job creation and skilling.

According to Douglas, solar has the ability to electrify the 30 million Ugandans lacking access to energy and Innovex is ready to support its clients close this gap by providing customized solutions to reduce their operational costs. “We are looking at sustainability and reparability of solar products to minimize waste” he adds. He also credits USEA for the improved trust in the solar industry, noting that despite the existence of fake products on the market, clients are increasingly choosing where to buy their products from and this is usually from USEA members.

For this young and creative team, this is only the beginning and renewable energy is the backbone on which they will ride into the future

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